33 Companies That Can Save You From College Debt

by Caitlin Muir / January 28, 2014
JANUARY 28, 2014 Category: Skills (Education and Learning)
Caitlin Muir

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By Caitlin Muir

Originally, this article was going to be "Why I love Starbucks." As a former barista, the company was good to me. Not only did I get cheap health insurance, great hours, and a flexible schedule but I got something that really helped me.Tuition reimbursement. Starbucks gave me money to go to college. When you are taking CLEP tests, $1,000 goes a long way in saving you from college debt. Between my paycheck, tuition reimbursement, CLEP savings, and some money from my parents which was quickly paid off, I was able to graduate without student loans hanging over my head.

That's huge. As a 20something, I've managed to kickstart a debt-free lifestyle. And it feels great.

I could wax poetic on why Starbucks is the perfect job for a college student, especially a CollegePlus student, but I'll save that for another post.

It's time to get smart. Here are 33 companies that can save you from college debt. Some of them hand out big bucks to employees, while others just pay $500 towards school. Each program varies. If you really want to be strategic about saving money, check them out. Best of luck!


Do you know of any other companies that offer tuition reimbursement/assistance programs? Share!


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