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by Caitlin Muir / January 28, 2014
JANUARY 28, 2014 Category: Skills (Education and Learning)
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Here's the 20 worst colleges in America by graduation rate.

  1. Southern University at New Orleans (LA) 5%
  2. Allen University (SC) 6%
  3. Martin University (IN) 7%
  4. Bellevue University (NE) 7%
  5. Calumet College of Saint Joseph (IN) 7%
  6. Baker College of Auburn Hills (MI) 7%
  7. University of the District of Columbia 8%
  8. East-West University (IL) 9%
  9. Haskell Indian Nations University 9%
  10. Crichton College (TN) 9%
  11. Jarvis Christian College (TX) 10%
  12. Edward Waters College (FL) 11%
  13. Oglala Lakota College (SD) 11%
  14. Baker College of Clinton Township (MI) 12%
  15. Heritage University (WA) 12%
  16. Davenport University (MI) 12%
  17. Texas College 12%
  18. Texas Southern University 13%
  19. Chicago State University 13%
  20. Purdue University, North Central Campus (IN) 13%

What feeds such a high drop-out rate? It isn't just money woes that caused students to withdraw - many of them received scholarships or education grants to attend these colleges. What the colleges do have in common is that they have been allowed to continue to be dysfunctional for years. These colleges have liberal admission policies, accepting most who apply to their school and are fed by their local community. Students are often from a minority background and are among the first of their family to attend college. Researchers noted that students did not flunk out of the college classes - they simply left because they felt they were not getting the education they were paying for. That suggests the problem lies with the faculty.

There's no excuse for landing on the list of America's Worst Colleges. Education reform needs to start now.

Statistics were compiled by reviewing graduation rate data colleges reported to a database maintained by the U.S. Department of Education. These statics were also processed using a six year graduation period.

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