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by Taryn DiMartile / January 28, 2014
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Have you ever met that person who just gets it?

CollegePlus student events

Or, more importantly, just gets you?

You may not know the person at all.

You come from different backgrounds and different locations, but you start talking and...

Something just clicks.

That’s what I watched happen at the Signature Leadership Courses Capstone earlier this year. Students from all over the country (many who hadn’t met each other before coming to Colorado) came together for 4 days.

By the end of the day 1, “shy” students had found new best friends.

By the end of the last day, there were tears shed as students who went from strangers to lifelong friends in four days said goodbye to each other.

Sure, they had spent time together, but that wasn’t the root of what brought them together. And even if it was, it wasn’t what will keep them together.

Striving towards a common goal is what will keep them together.

It’s what has kept them together.

In a world filled with bashing of their generation (some of it rightful, some of it hurtful and untrue), this group of students has decided they aren’t satisfied with what they world tells them they are.

Or what the world tells them they’re capable of.

They want to do what God tells them they’re capable of.

And they’re going to change the world because of it.

But it’s not just the students at the Capstone who will change the world.

Changing the world is the hallmark of a CollegePlus student.

Which is why I’m sooooo glad to announce we will be hosting TWO events for any and all CollegePlus students later THIS year!

We will be having our first ever official CollegePlus Connect Student Events in two locations (at different times) - one in California and one in Texas.

What’s more exciting than a bunch of students coming together, learning together, encouraging each other, and then going out to leave their mark on the world?

On top of just meeting each other, the schedule will be filled with awesome workshops for everyone no matter where they are in their CollegePlus journey. There will be specific things for brand new students, current students, students almost graduating, and alumni!

Oh, and one of the coolest things? John Stonestreet (professor of our Comparative Worldviews course) will be the keynote speaker at both events!

Sounds like something you just have to attend, right?

november california event

Our California event will be held at Calvary Chapel Camp in Green Valley Lake, CA (an hour from Ontario Airport) November 14-16, 2013

december texas event

Our Texas event will be held at Lakeview Camp and Conference Center in Waxahachie, TX (an hour from the Dallas airport) December 5-7, 2013

To be first to receive more details as they become available and be notified when registration opens, please fill out this form. Space is limited to 75 students per event, so be sure to sign up, even if you aren’t yet positive you’ll be able to make it.

Hope you’ll be able to make it! This event is going to be an amazing time you won’t want to miss!

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