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by David Cohen / January 28, 2014
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David Cohen

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By David Cohen

Any chance I get to brag on CollegePlus! students, I'm doing it. So bear with me, and then we'll get to announcing the scholarship winners.

We asked our students to submit a video or written essay, and the theme was"Me, My College Degree + ____________".

The blank spot was for the student to communicate, in their own way, the unique story of what they're doing while earning their degree.

We gave no rules on how they presented their essay. Each student had creative freedom and license to communicate their message as they saw fit.

The results? Absolutely inspiring.

From these essays we discovered that our students are running their own businesses, creating original art, music, and film, traveling the world, teaching, ministering, and getting politically active, just to name a few.

Yes, these are college students we're talking about. In essence, these students are not putting their lives on hold to earn their degree. They are pursuing big goals and chasing their dreams. It's a beautiful thing.

OK, so here are the two scholarship winners...

The video essay winner: Barrett Kaufman for "UNSHACKLED".

Final judges' notes:

"We chose this video essay because the student produced a gripping film, and did a masterful job displaying his film making ability. The content in the film is relevant for college students, but this student is being rewarded for his craftsmanship and for creating the most compelling piece of work. We expect to see a movie from Barrett on the silver screen in the near future!"


You can watch Barrett's film here.

The written essay winner: Hannah Ballinger for "Me, My College Degree + True Value".

Final judges' notes:

"This written essay was chosen as the winner because Hannah is doing dynamic things while earning her degree, and she was able to dynamically and compellingly communicate this in her essay. Hannah was able to clearly communicate how distance learning is not a barrier, but it opens doors for opportunities to make others lives better, to serve, to give, and to live."


You can read Hannah's essay here.

Both of these students are being awarded with a $600 scholarship from CollegePlus!

If you want to see what some of the most ambitious and inspiring college students in America are doing with their lives, don't just watch the winning video essay or read the winning written essay.

Watch and read as many as you can. Our CollegePlus! students are making a major impact on the world around them and in the lives of others while they earn their degree.

You can see all of the video and written essays here.


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