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by CollegePlus / January 28, 2014
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So, you may be thinking, “FEMA…hmm…sounds familiar…where have I heard that before? Maybe on the news?” Or you may be thinking, “FEMA – wow, FEMA saved our town back when that major hurricane came through.”

But, the real question is, what should you be thinking when you hear “FEMA”?

FEMA – Flexible, Efficient, Monetarily-advantageous Academia.” Okay…so I couldn’t help but to throw in an awesome Dynamic Memory technique there. But seriously, you should be thinking, “FEMA - super amazing, flexible, practical college credits that I can earn online, from home – for free!!” (And we all like free these days, don’t we?)

FEMA actually stands for “Federal Emergency Management Agency.” (Yes, you probably have heard them talked about on the news – probably in conjunction with clean-up efforts after a natural disaster.) As an incentive for residents across the United States to be prepared in the event of natural disasters, FEMA offers a wide variety of easily-accessible online courses. It’s a win-win – you can take free college courses and in turn the federal government has thousands, maybe millions, of people ready to help out if a disaster strikes nearby.

Completing FEMA Courses The study plan couldn’t be easier. You simply choose a FEMA course to start with, download the applicable study materials (usually a 100-200 page Adobe file) and thoroughly digest the information in the document. Then, when you feel ready, you go online to the same webpage where you downloaded the study materials and take the final exam. I have heard of many students who have been able to read the study materials and take the exam all in one study day. Did I mention that this can be done completely from home without ever going to a testing center?

I recommend starting with a course called “Fundamentals of Emergency Management” and then moving to other practical courses like, “Decision-Making and Problem-Solving”, “Leadership and Influence”, or even “Livestock and Disasters.”

Fitting FEMA in Your Degree Well, now you’re probably thinking, “How many can I take?” and “Where will they fit in my degree? If you are a CollegePlus! student, they will likely fit in your Free Electives and you can talk with your coach and/or degree consultant about how many credits you may be able to use there. If you aren’t a CollegePlus! student, you should ask your college if they have a direct transfer agreement with FEMA like most of our CollegePlus! students are able to utilize through Thomas Edison State College. By the way, most TESC BSBA students can take advantage of up to 6 credits and some TESC BA students have been able to utilize up to 25 credits! Twenty-five absolutely free college credits – can you imagine? Take classes to earn credit towards your degree or to gain practical knowledge.

When you’re ready to transfer your FEMA credits, you just need to fill out a transfer request form which is conveniently located on the FEMA website.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of some of those otherwise unproductive summer days – switch things up by taking a FEMA course or two (or eighteen, for that matter.) After all, who can pass up the value of “free”?

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Erica Brandau is one of the most valued employees at CollegePlus! Through the years, she has brought an incredible amount of knowledge about distance learning, online learning, and blended education to the table. Erica is the head of the Research Department at CollegePlus! She and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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