How Do I Get a Job? Easy Tips for Becoming Hirable

by Rachel Novotny / January 28, 2014
JANUARY 28, 2014 Category: Launch (careers, internships, and life beyond graduation)
Rachel Novotny

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From day one of kindergarten, we’re handed a crayon and instructed to color inside the lines.

If we obey the lines, we can viewed our prized work of art taped carefully on the wall. The process has been ingrained in our minds:

Follow the crowd, get good grades, and become successful.


 Somewhere along the way, we’re told we need a good resume, a few good    friends, and just a pinch of charisma, and we can be anything we want to  be. Graduation speeches are filled with sentiments of “the sky's the limit”  and pithy Dr. Seuss quotes.

 While we’re all gifted and intelligent, our current economy is filled with  unemployed and under-employed people who can “be whatever they want  to be.”

 Something went wrong.

After graduating from college, I entered the “real world” only to realize my Banana Republic blazer, entry-level resume, and liberal arts degree weren’t enough to instantly land my dream job. I could color very neatly inside the corporate lines, but HR recruiters and hiring directors were looking for more.

The job market isn’t high school. The right friends, trendiest clothes or best pieces of technology don’t guarantee success. Employers are faced with dozens or even hundreds of people vying for one position.

Many smart, talented, and charming people will be overlooked as the position is handed to one individual.

There is good news!

Finding a job doesn’t have to take the form of “resume roulet” requiring you to blindly send out resumes and hope for the best. There is something you can do to make yourself hirable.

Become the person you would want to hire.


You don’t have to be a human resources expert to figure this one out.

Think through the qualities you would like to see if you were hiring a potential employee. Then develop them in your own life.

As I learned during the “Great job search of ‘08,” a power suit, decent resume, and good grades aren’t enough to land a job. Rather, it’s vital to develop habits that make you not only hireable, but in high demand as an employee.

To help you with that, we’re excited to announce a new ebook: Standing Out In An Overcrowded Job Market: How to Become the Person You'd Hire


In the ebook, Tim Baker explores the qualities a potential employer is looking for in a job candidate. To hone the skills they won’t tell you about in any classroom, download the ebook, and become hirable!

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