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by Taryn DiMartile / January 28, 2014
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Taryn DiMartile

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By Taryn DiMartile


“I like the idea of CollegePlus, but I really want to graduate from a Christian university.”


College Graduation

Has that thought ever crossed your mind or your lips? I’ve heard it from numerous friends and acquaintances. And I totally understand. A good portion of my friends from high school all went to a prestigious Christian university and I would have loved to go there too. However, the price tag put that option beyond my reach. And that is the case with a lot of people I talk to. Christian colleges and universities are just so expensive.

Yes, you can work hard for scholarships and financial aid and maybe get quite a bit, but at the end of the day, chances are you’re still going to be strapped with a lot of college debt going that route.

You may or may not know where God will direct you after graduating college, but you would probably prefer to not take college debt with you. Especially if you want to go into ministry or to get married and have a family. How about carrying a lot of college debt onto the mission field? Or into marriage? Or into a pastorate? Right. Me neither.

A Christian education that reinforces and encourages the values and standards your parents have worked your entire life to instill in you would be great, especially if you go into a ministry of some kind, but the idea of all that debt can make the decision very difficult.

Because I know there is such a need for a more cost effective way to earn a degree through a Christian university, I am excited to announce the new partnership of CollegePlus with Liberty University!

Liberty University is fully accredited and, since opening its doors in 1971, has grown to be the largest non-profit university in the nation and the largest Christian University in the world. The mission of Liberty University is to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact tomorrow’s world.

Beginning this Fall, CollegePlus students will have the option to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in one of four popular majors through Liberty University Online: BS in Business Administration, BS in Psychology, BS in Religion and BS in Elementary Education, with over 20 additional majors available by the beginning of 2013.

Interested in learning more about how CollegePlus can help you earn a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University Online for less than $25,000? Visit the website tolearn more and fill out an information request. It takes less than one minute and you can download a free prospectus with all the details. Click here to get started.


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