The Best Kept Secret in CollegePlus: The Degree Consultation

by David Cohen / January 28, 2014
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David Cohen

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By David Cohen

Is there really such a thing as a ‘personalized degree plan’ in higher education? Oh, there certainly is.

CollegePlus (surprise, surprise) offers you something a traditional college cannot—a personalized degree plan, custom built for you.

Because this concept is new and different, I asked Laura Frahm, a CollegePlus Degree Consultant, to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Why do CollegePlus students get personalized degree plans?

CollegePlus Degree Consultants

Many students go to college not knowing which degree best allows them to fulfill theirunique life purpose. The degree consultation and personalized degree plan we give students typically solves this problem.

What does ‘degree personalization’ look like?

By taking the time to understand your personality, passions, and goals, the Degree Consultant navigates the complexity of designing a personalized degree plan, and distills the information down so you can select courses and exams that uniquely fit you.

By connecting with students on a personal level, we can design a custom degree template that aligns with their strengthsinterests, and capacity to meet the requirements to earn their degree.

And everything is balanced against your time and budget.

How do degree consultations improve the college experience for students?

A customized plan empowers students to earn the degree that prepares them for life after college—whether that’s getting a job, grad school, or starting a business.

Also, various options are presented to let the student incorporate the most interesting subjects while meeting the requirements of their degree-granting institution.

Without giving our students access to this kind of knowledge-base, they would have to navigate the confusing academic system on their own, adding a ton of time and frustration to their college experience.

What parents and students are saying about their degree consultation experience

CollegePlus Family Testimonial

“Our Degree Consultant spent two hours on the phone with us, listening to our concerns, answering our questions, and designing [my daughter’s] template to our exacting specifications. Our experience with him helped assure us that CollegePlus really is about an individualized education, tailored specifically to each student, and well worth the price.”

“My Degree Consultant was kind, professional, helpful and informative. She answered all questions, presented multiple options, and had a solid grasp on my personal college experience.”

“My degree consultant was very accommodating, especially in helping me decide the best way to fulfill my math and science requirements which are not my forte.”

“My degree consultant provided tips for learning resources, timing of the tests, and encouragement. He was fabulous. Exactly what I love about CollegePlus.”

So, if you’re new to the concept of a personalized college degree, take a moment to learn more by getting a free information packet from CollegePlus.

And if you’re already a CollegePlus student or parent, share this on Facebook to let others know about the power of a personalized education.


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