What Do You Need to Succeed in Today's Job Market?

by Taryn DiMartile / January 28, 2014
JANUARY 28, 2014 Category: Launch (careers, internships, and life beyond graduation)
Taryn DiMartile

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By Taryn DiMartile


The plan used to be simple.


Work hard, earn your degree and be rewarded with a well-paying job.


Things have changed, haven’t they?


College takes longer and costs exponentially more than a generation ago, while job prospects for today’s traditional college graduates are increasingly dim. And while jobs are out there, the surplus of degree-holding candidates has altered the landscape.

And that’s why we’re inviting you to join us for a six-part Webinar series: Market Prepared: What You Need to Succeed in Today’s Market Landscape.

In each webinar, you’ll hear dynamic leaders sharing practical action steps that will equip students to enter the job market with confidence and with the skills and experience they need to set themselves apart for success.

The first webinar is this Thursday, July 26, 2012, so be sure to register soon. You only need to register once for all six webinars in the series. And if you can’t make it to a session, go ahead and register anyway, as all registrants will be able to access recorded versions later.

Space for this free webinar series is limited and will likely fill up fast, so be sure to register today to reserve your spot and join the ranks of the market prepared. After you register, come back and tell me what session you are looking forward to most!


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