Prepare your student to launch into college and beyond.

Help your high school student determine their life purpose, master learning skills, and prepare to launch into college and beyond - while earning college credit.


Much more than just earning 12 college credits

"CollegePrep did much more than just help me earn 12 college credits. Because of CollegePrep I am now prepared to master any topic. My Accountability Mentor was informative, helpful, and a godly leader. CollegePrep sent me down the productive road of dual credit." - Skip G, CollegePrep student

A godsend for our family

"I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with CollegePrep. It is a godsend for our family. As parents, our CollegePrep Collegiate Consultant gave us a tremendous feeling of encouragement and guidance to provide what we wanted for our son’s life." - Faune K, CollegePrep parent