Student Reviews

Elliot: CollegePrep Student

Meet Elliott, A 15 Year Old Aspiring Doctor With 21 College Credits

Much more than just earning 12 college credits

"CollegePrep did much more than just help me earn 12 college credits. Because of CollegePrep I am now prepared to master any topic. My Accountability Mentor was informative, helpful, and a godly leader. CollegePrep sent me down the productive road of dual credit, and now in CollegePlus, I've accumulated 36 college credits while still in high school." - Skip G, CollegePrep student

The accountablility keeps me on track

"CollegePrep is great because of the accountability, it keeps me on track. I also really like the idea of doing CollegePrep at my own pace. CollegePrep will help me get ahead of the game by earning dual credit and experiencing personal growth. I would recommend CollegePrep to all homeschool students. It's a great way to earn college credit and stay with your family." - Josiah D, CollegePrep student

A godsend for our family

"I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with CollegePrep. It is a godsend for our family. As parents, our CollegePrep Collegiate Consultant gave us a tremendous feeling of encouragement and guidance to provide what we wanted for our son’s life." - Faune K, CollegePrep parent

High school and college credit at the same time

"I began at the age of fifteen, and I was able to earn high school and college credit at the same time. And now one year later I have 42 college credits and have received special admissions to a college to complete my Pre-Med degree, which I am scheduled to finish before my eighteenth birthday!" - Hannah M, CollegePrep student

Did exactly what it was designed to do

"For Britni, CollegePrep did exactly what it was designed to do! Britni’s ability to reason logically improved tremendously, not only for test taking, but for other activities in her life. Thank you for this program and the direction that it’s provided. CollegePrep has blessed our family." - Renee W, CollegePrep parent

Accountability Mentor offered me caring insight and strong support

"I loved CollegePrep. CollegePrep kept me moving forward to an exact destination. My Accountability Mentor offered me caring insight and strong support because he had been through this before. I would absolutely recommend CollegePrep. I’m now continuing on with CollegePlus, having earned 21 college credits in high school." - Weston H, CollegePrep student

12 college credits

"I was 14 when I enrolled in CollegePrep. With the help of my CollegePrep Accountability Mentor and encouragement from my family, I passed two college-level exams and earned 12 college credits." - Alex D, CollegePrep student

Fantastic for homeschool students

"CollegePrep is a fantastic program for homeschool students. For homeschoolers, CollegePrep allows you to get a feel for distance learning before you make a complete commitment. The CollegePrep experience has equipped me well for my transition to CollegePlus and completing my bachelor’s degree by 18." - Ellyse E, CollegePrep student

More than just a good foundation to earn dual credit

"I enrolled in CollegePrep to get a good foundation for taking the exams to earn dual credit. But through CollegePrep I discovered there are other young ladies just like me, who wish to do their best academically for God. CollegePrep was a wonderful experience, and I feel much more equipped for whatever God has for me in the years to come." - Sarah G, CollegePrep student

No regrets

"I have enjoyed CollegePrep and have no regrets about it. The whole program was beneficial to me. I was able to earn 12 college credits through CollegePrep and I’m now ready to continue my education in the CollegePlus program." - Ashley S, CollegePrep student