What CollegePrep Costs

The good news is CollegePrep is much more affordable than Advanced Placement (AP) and Community College dual credit programs.

CollegePrep vs. AP & Community College

Features AP Community College CollegePrep
Transferrable College Credits
12 College Credits In 1 Semester
Students Can Work At Their Own Pace
Collegiate Consulting From Experts
Open To Freshmen & Sophomores
Cost Per Credit Hour $221 $165 $74

CollegePrep: 65% less than Community College and 74% less than AP.

And CollegePrep is so much more than just a dual credit program.

No other dual credit program offers personalized Collegiate Consulting, support and dual credit tools for you as the student’s parent.

And although Community Colleges may offer an Advisor, no other dual credit option provides your student with a one-on-one mentor to hold them accountable to their goals while helping your student grow and mature as a motivated, self-directed learner who is passionate about learning.

This is why CollegePrep is the best option for homeschoolers. It is much more affordable than other dual credit programs, it provides all the tools you need to successfully navigate dual credit and it creates a solid foundation for your student’s higher education.

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