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As a company that believes in the vital importance of raising up a generation of leaders who will dramatically, and positively, impact our nation's culture, we are thrilled to partner with David Barton and WallBuilders.

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About CollegePlus

CollegePlus is a Christian company that creates customized dual credit and bachelor's degree programs for students, based on their personality, learning style, and life purpose, then integrates personal coaching and mentoring to empower students to reach their educational and life goals, without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college.

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Reviews & Endorsements

"America's Founding Fathers accomplished remarkable feats at very young ages because they had a strong work ethic and expectations that caused them to finish college at a young age and get busy with their purpose in life. CollegePlus is giving a new generation the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our Founders. I highly recommend CollegePlus as a way to save your family thousands of education dollars as well as years of your students' lives, and get them positively influencing the culture sooner rather than later."
— David Barton

"My family is thrilled to have found CollegePlus. Our son, Trey, is already a sophomore in college at only 16 years old and on track to have his four year degree in Economics at age 18. The CollegePlus system provides the one on one coaching that keeps Trey focused on his personal goals and life purpose at a young age. CollegePlus has the secret sauce that is helping to raise up a generation of young leaders way ahead of their peers and on track to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God."
— Rick Green

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